Sunday, June 7, 2009

First pool day of many

Last Sunday was Kinlee's first introduction to the joy of splashing and chillin' in a crystal clear private pool.  Cindy is most generous and wonderful, and she opens her pool to our family many times during the summer.  Accommodations just don't come any nicer, for sure.

Of course, first there was church on Sunday morning.  The girls had their first taste of matching outfits... I'm ridiculous, I know.

Cindy's got a great setting, several actually, for pictures, including a great waterfall and coy pond next to the pool.  So I had to set the girls up there with Daddy for a few pics.  Braska had some from last year here that we loved, so now it's kind of a tradition. 

We do love seeing how much Cousin Xander has grown when we see him.  He passed KiKi up long ago.

Xander has a big head. There's no getting around that fact.  He is a big boy. Not fat. Just big and strong and solid.  Like a football player in baby form.  But when they were sitting next to each other, the difference in their heads kind of cracked us up.

Kinlee got in her suit, paused for a few pics...gmakiki2

Then she got in the pool with Miss Cheryl.
cherylkiki2 cherylkiki

She took time out for a little nap after her swim.

Then she charmed PaPaw for a while. 

He had a great perspective, so we aimed the camera skyward.
kiki1 kiki2 


Rachel Dominguez said...

those last two pictures have to be the BEST EVER!

Grammy said...

That PaPaw/Kinlee pic is one of those forever treasures...

Grammy said...

Happy 4-Month Birthday, Sugar Plum!

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