Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby Christmas Dress-up

Holiday time is a fun time for mommies of little girls.  There are so many cute things, and thankfully, Braska has a good stash to share with KiKi.  I can’t find the old pics right now of Braska in this, but I hope to….someday. Or never.  We’ll see.

And this one was an outfit that says “Baby’s first Christmas” on it that we picked up a few months ago at the resale shop we love.

There’s one more, but I haven’t managed to get  a picture yet.  I’ll try to get to that soon since time’s running out, and it’s not cool to have a kid in “Christmas wear” post Christmas!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree

KiKi got to participate in the photo shoot of cute p-jammies yesterday that Braska and Jack had.  She didn’t want to be involved as much as we had hoped, but that’s ok. 

Toward the end, she sat in the chair and decided that was kind of fun.
 kikichair1 kikichair2 kikichair3 kikichair4 kikichair5 kikichair6 kikichair7 kikixmas2

As we put the hat on her, she had a similar face, but it was leaning toward the unhappy side, ending up in pure torture, if you ask her. (But don’t miss Jack’s face on the left side of the pic below.  Priceless!) kikixmas1

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10 Months

I’ve fallen to a new low in the Kinlee-blogging habit.  I’m missing so much!!!  But today it’s about 10 months.  Amazing. 
To help her leave the letters alone next to her, I gave her one to chew on and keep her busy. And it worked…for a little bit.

Here’s a couple video clips of the post photo shoot outtakes.  I realized that I don’t take enough simple little videos of KiKi… so these are just that.

And then this one is from tonight…she didn’t do her best performance, but she’s pretty good with mama, dada, and sis-sis, and usually belle-belle too. 

Stats: 18 lbs 7.5 oz, 28 inches.  She’s wearing mostly 12 months, especially for length, though she can swim in the room around her in a 12 month sleeper.

Highlights from this month:  This kid is eating everything, and I’m continually amazed.  She likes fish, she likes veggies of all kinds. She likes chicken and rice, stroganoff, tortillas, pasta, and a variety of fruits.  She can eat a whole multi-grain/fruit bar for breakfast in no time at all.  She much prefers to feed herself, but she’s been better lately about taking from a spoon as well.  She can drink from a straw like a pro, and she does well with an open cup too. 

She is walking with only one hand assistance, and she loves going around with the walking toy or anything else she can push and walk behind…laundry basket, Braska’s tricycle, empty boxes, etc.

She is mostly sleeping through the night, but still has fairly frequent nights of waking at least once, sometimes going to sleep again quickly, sometimes not so much.  She’s got 8 teeth now and I think there might be some more on the way soon.

She misses her sister when she’s at school each morning, but she’s adjusting pretty well.  They do really love to play together, and if KiKi would stop yanking Braska’s glasses off her face, things would be just about adorable when they interact.

Here’s to month 11! (More posts soon!!! So many pics to share!)

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