Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just a-shoppin’

KiKi went with Rachel the other night for some errands and to play with her Uncle Patrick, and Rach snapped this with her super nifty Droid while they were out.  It ranks as one of my fave pics so far.kikicart-sm

Monday, November 9, 2009

9 months

These photo sessions are getting a bit more difficult. Before I could get the first shot, she had a letter in hand. (Don’t mind the diaper that’s a little too big… ran out of our normal kind.)

Then Mommy took it away in an attempt to get a pretty shot. Yeah, that worked well.

So I gave up and let her go at them.

Highlights this month: She’s finally cruising.  It seems she took a little break in her speedy development between pulling to stand and cruising.  That’s ok with me, but now she’s on the move again.  Several people are betting she’ll walk in the next 6 weeks… I’m not sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me.  She loves to walk with two hands held, but she’s hesitant with just one.

She’s enjoying feeding herself, prefers it BY FAR to being fed with a spoon.  She likes all kinds of veggies, bananas and apples, multigrain fruit bars, all kinds of crackers, breads, puffs and cereals.  But as for *real* food, we’re struggling because we’re real-food challenged around here.  We need to fix food she can eat, but that’s going to be a big change.  It’s a process to eat less processed foods.

She’s working on teeth 5 and 6 right now, on either side of her lower front two.  Here’s a peek at 5 of them. 

The uppers are through, one more than the other, and the 6th tooth is just finishing cutting through.  How painful must teething be?!?

In the last couple days she’s decided she wants to clap, so that’s fun.  At first I thought she was trying to sign more, but it’s evolved into a flat-handed clap, so we just chime in with “YAY!” whenever she starts a’clappin’. Here’s a few seconds of her showing her new skill, though a little dark.

Monday, November 2, 2009

1st Halloween

Wow, almost a month since I posted. That’s ridiculous! And I’ve got so much I’d like to document and keep track of… I just can’t get things together. 

For now, I wanted to group a few shots from the last couple weeks related to the holiday.  Rach got Kinlee this outfit, and it was almost too small, even though it should be too big.  This kid… she’s so long!  And after she fussed through the picture time, I realized her shoes weren’t fitting right anymore.  Oops! They went away to the “grown out of” bin.

These were more pleasant, though she slowly crumpled to the floor.  I don’t know what this is supposed to be, some little monster I guess. It was cute, from Children’s Place, and also a gift.

A week early, we went to the Trunk or Treat at Grandma C and PaPaw’s church, and the girls had a very good time. 

On the 31st, we dressed again and went to our church’s festival. It was a very big deal, but mostly for kids who were a bit more mobile than our girls, so we said hi to some friends and then went to Jack’s for pictures of Jack and Braska together.  Of course, KiKi is never far behind her sister. Like a little shadow…

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