Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1 year old


It doesn’t seem like it’s been 12 whole months, and yet, it seems like she’s been hanging out with us for years. 

Kinlee is a silly girl.  She loves to laugh and make others laugh. She is a drama queen.  She is very sensitive, VERY sensitive, especially to reprimands.  She adores her sister and her daddy, but she is a Mommy’s girl.  She will climb anything and has no fear.  Until she gets up there and can’t get down.  Then her world crumbles in a second.

She is lots of fun to play with and less fun to take on in a battle of wills.  She will be a great sister and a challenging daughter for years to come, I’m quite sure of it.  But whining and instant tear-spilling skills aside, she is a pretty good little girl, and we’ll let her hang around a while longer. 

Happy Birthday, KiKi!


Evan said...

Happy Birthday Big Girl.. Hope you have the Best 1st Birthday ever!

Jessi, Dave and Evan Poynter

Carolyn said...

Happy birthday Kinlee. You keep everyone on their toes around there. :)

Karen K said...

Happy Birthday Kinlee! Enjoy your cake sweet girl!

Rochelle said...

Happy 1st birthday beautiful girl. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday baby girl! Love you! Auntie V

Tricia said...

A year?? What!!!?!?!?!?!

Happy birthday!!!

Julie said...

from Madelyn:
Happy Birthday! Aren't you still the tiny little thing I held when you were brand new?!

from Jack:
ah bah goo gah maaaa!

from me:
Happy Special Birthday sweetie girl! We're thrilled to have been able to watch you grow this past year! Big Hug!

Christy and Kevin said...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I hope you have a great birthday!


JRS said...

No kidding? A year? I guess I can believe it as Helena is almost 9 months old. Jeez! Time flies when you're a gorgeous girl. Happy birthday sweet heart.

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