Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Skins and smiles

There's nothing sweeter than a couple of sisters hanging out early in the morning before their bath.

And my favorite...

A close-up crop just for fun... I'm sure we'll see alot more of this secret-sharing, and I really look forward to it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hand-me-downs: Purple and white bear

This is another one of my favorite little outfits of Braska's and now Kinlee's. The little white pants have cute lavendar bears on it...I don't know why, but I just love them. Babies seem to look more grown up in two-piece outfits, don't you think??

Braska at 4 months, 3/14/07

Kinlee 4/10/09, 2 months

Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 Months

Time flies, and I'm learning that doesn't mean that things get accomplished. We're still trying to find our groove, or at least I am, as far as how to get anything done in a day with both these girls to deal with. Somehow, we've made it to two months...

Highlights this month: Lots of smiles, a little longer sleeping spells at night, up to about 5-6 hours at a time, which is nice, and last we weighed her, about a week ago, she was 10 lbs 4 oz. No big deal to some, crazy-growing baby to me!

I've got lots of pics to post, and hopefully this next week will allow more time for blogging. I'm not holding my breath though!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hand-me-downs: Pink sleeper

I'm looking forward to seeing some of the clothes that Braska wore on Kinlee. It just seems fun to compare them in the same outfits. Many of the clothes have been passed on, so there will be fewer opportunities for side-by-side pics in these first few months, but today I realized we had our first.

This is Kinlee today, in her pink sleeper that has little flowers on the left chest. It's pretty plain, but still. It's funnier that the bear is by her. .. As you'll see below. Remember she's just a day short of 2 months.

Here's Braska on the day she was discharged from the hospital after her heart surgery, 3/8/07. Same bear. Same sleeper. She was 3 1/2 months.

And here she is just a bit later, same sleeper, almost 4 months, 3/17/07. It's obviously not any too small on her. She was about the same weight here as Kinlee was this week when we put her on the scale. Just over 10 lbs.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The big 7.5

How has it been 7 1/2 weeks? I feel like it's going faster this time, but maybe it's because I'm not keeping up well with this two-kid thing. They've been ganging up on me, that's for sure. It's not fair.

So instead of complaining about my cuties, I'll just put up some pics for the family that can't get enough. I'm trying to take lots of "fashion shots" as I call them. I love seeing all the little outfits on the girls. This one was from our special friend Lillie, if I remember correctly.

Of course, we pulled out the Polo shoes. Braska wore these for quite a while.

Kinlee's feet are almost too long for them already, but they're so darn skinny that they don't really fit. I need to put some big thick socks on her maybe, because this is what happens. And I'm not gonna risk losing one or both of them. They have to be saved for Rachel along with all the other tons of Polo stuff she's stocked in the girls' closets.

We've been seeing quite a few smiles, and that's always fun. I haven't caught the really good ones yet, but here's a hint of one.

Kinlee has had some rough days, not sure why, but alot of fussing. This afternoon was one of the most difficult for her, and the rest of us in turn. This was one of the very short naps she took.

Tonight we got comfy and she had her first experience with BabyLegs. I can't believe I'd almost forgotten how wonderfully handy these things are!! If you are one of the extremely few people left who know me but don't own a pair of these... well, just get to ordering, for Heaven's sake!

This week has brought more of the annoying baby acne. Braska never had this, and I'm sure not a fan. It doesn't look like much fun for her either. Her shirt is cute... it says "This is my little black dress."

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