Friday, September 25, 2009

KiKi Update: Sept 09

I keep saying I need to just stop and get some stuff down, and I keep not getting it done.  Story of my life lately.  So while Blue’s Clues is on and both girls are entertained—detained in Kinlee’s case, in the ExerSaucer—I’m going to e-scribble down some items.

General health: She’s been great for all her 7 months, til last week.  If you read the recent posts on my blog this week, you saw that she’s been a crabby mess and more difficult than usual.  The pediatrician said that she has blisters on her throat, something like hand, foot, and mouth, except it’s not on her hands or feet. ??  Anyway, she said there was nothing to do but manage the sore throat that would accompany it.  We saw the dr on day 8 and she said it lasted 5-9 days usually.  That was Monday.  It’s Friday and she’s still not herself. Not eating (solids) well, but she is a tad less fussy.  Maybe it’s on it’s way out.  She’s got a congested nose and upper airway, but that doesn’t seem to bother her too much.  She’s loving very cold milk, so I’m guessing it feels good on her throat. If she’s not better by Monday, we’ll go back and have her throat checked again and get an updated plan.

Sleeping: She had been doing well-ish in the sleep department.  She was going from about 9pm or so to about 5:30am.  But when all this strangeness started the beginning of last week, she began waking 2 or 3 or even 4 times a night.  Not my favorite thing.  The last two nights she’s been better, but I helped by giving her some Benadryl to help with the congestion over night, and the added sleep help, of course.  She’s gone from about 8:30pm til about 4am, then back to sleep and up again at 6:30am for the day.  I’m so jealous of those 10 and 12 hours that some kids are blessing their parents with.  Neither of mine have ever done that.

Eating: Other than her issues with her throat, she’d been doing pretty well.  She’s worked her way through the veggies, except green beans… she is NOT a fan.  We have barely touched on the fruits, and she’s a big fan of some of the other combos in level 2 foods, especially apples and chicken as well as sweet potatoes and turkey.  I want to do more finger foods for her, because she likes to feed herself, but I’m totally at a loss as to what to give her.  I’m hoping to be able to do a little research on that next week.

Milestones: She’s a champ when it comes to strength and motor milestones.  She’s crawling quite fast now, she’s pulling to a stand on the couch (nothing to grip…amazing), and she moves constantly.  This is not my favorite trait of hers, but we’re learning to deal.  It’s exhausting.  She is signing “milk” and working on “more” and “eat.” 

Growth: She has outgrown everything, it seems.  Her 6/9 month sleepers are too short.  Two of her could fit in them for width, but she’s so darn long for her weight.  She came in at 28” at the doctor’s office, only a couple ounces short of 17 lbs.  Her feet are already getting close to needing her size 3 shoes.  (Braska still wears some size 3.)  She’s in a size 3 diaper, same as her sister.  Crazy.

She’s a mommy’s girl, which is flattering, but a bit frustrating also.  Hopefully, her little challenging phase will be balanced by some peaceful phase next.  Delusional? Maybe I am.  She’s been going to the nursery at church for a few weeks, and she seems to do ok, though she does do some crying.  The people in the baby room are just wonderful, so they are very patient with her.

She loves her sister. She wants to be everywhere Braska is, often between Braska and B’s intended toy or book.  She crawls down the hall to Braska’s room to find her when B sneaks away for some peace and quiet.  She’s a much happier baby when Braska is present.

Overall, she’s a keeper, just one that’s going to demand more from us than Braska has.  And that’s ok. She’s her own girl. We just need to adjust in ways we didn’t expect. She’s worth it though.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My little weed-ette

Just a quick note to remember what the measurements were for KiKi yesterday.  She weighed 16 lbs 10 oz and was 27 inches long.  Long and lean, they said.  Yeah, that runs in our family.  Not. 

Speaking of growing and development… is it possible to start the terrible 2’s at 7 months?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little weight bearer

KiKi is all about the standing.  She’s been into standing on laps for a while, but now she wants to stand up everywhere.  And she will only hold on with one hand, crazy girl.  Amazing thing is…she can do it.  She can balance herself holding onto just one hand.  This girl is just bananas!

Sunday evening, ready for the Bears opener. (More on that later.) 

Tuesday, ready for lots of errands and appointments.

And this was today… it blows my mind.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

7 Months

Once again, it’s time to mark another month passed and look forward to the next one. 

7 months.  Time flies.

The photo shoot today went a little less smoothly than the last few.

She giggled and grinned for about one second before she got a little giddy and all kicky-like.

Then, in her jostling around, she bumped and thereby noticed the letters….and it was over. 

And what in the world???  I think we’re in for a crazy month…again.

Highlights this month: Gosh, I don’t know if I even remember them all. Army crawling, pulling to stand, crawling, transition to sitting from lying or crawling, lots of veggies and foods eaten (squash, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes with turkey, apples with chicken, lots of oatmeal cereal with pear juice, apple prune juice, and of course lots of milk).  She got her first tooth and is working on the next one.  She is all about NOT wanting me to leave her in a room without her sister right next to her.  She and Braska are having a blast playing together and giggling alot.  Kinlee loves to rip Braska’s glasses off her face. Over and over and over and over.  It’s wonderful.  But not so much.  She is obsessed with cords, much like Braska is/was, and she’ll crawl all over the house to find just the cords you don’t want her to have.

I can’t believe how fast she grows.  I get it now when everyone always says, “Oh, they just grow up so fast.”  Now I get it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Milestone: Or two or three

Kinlee’s been flying through the milestones lately.  I suppose she’s been doing that her whole life.  I can’t get used to it, and I definitely can’t keep up with the blogging that I’d like to in order to document it.  But I’ll do my best in short bits…

She had her first cereal on her 5-month birthday.  She was a fan.  I marveled at the fact that you could just offer her a spoon of mush and she happily opened her mouth. 
I’ve never experienced such a thing!!

She did have a few faces that were kind of funny, but for the most part, she was very pleased with this new element to her routine.

At 6 months, we started introducing some veggies, touched with a tiny little bit of pears to make it a bit more enticing.  She has done great with all of it except the green items.  Those will have to wait a bit more.  She’s a fan of squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and chicken with apples.

This past week, I gave her the little crunchy things from Gerber Graduates, and I just stared and laughed at how she just seemed to know what to do, and she enjoyed it!  This is so foreign to us with Braska and her feeding refusal.  I can’t believe that a kid can just take food, put it to her mouth, and eat it.  Chewing!  What a novel idea!!

She started army crawling just after she sat independently before she was 6 months.  She’s gotten quite fast at it and she can get anywhere she wants in no time flat. And if that weren’t enough, now the girl is crawling too!  She’s not even 7 months!  Maybe that’s normal, maybe that’s what all kinds of babies do, but I’m amazed at this little crazy girl.  No video yet, but we’ll get some.  She’s still kind of wobbly and slow about her steps, but she does it.

Check out this pic I got this week, it reminded me of another and I looked back on Braska’s blog to find it. 

Same hand-me-down shirt, same BabyLegs, and almost the same weight.  Kinlee is the same length as Braska was in that pic, and she’s less than a pound under the weight that Braska was there.  The big difference is that Kinlee was 6 3/4 months, and Braska was 16 1/2 months. Almost 10 month difference in age.  So funny to me to see how similar and still different.

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