Thursday, October 1, 2009

Upwardly soon-to-be-mobile

Yes, that’s my 7-month-old. Yes, she is standing with one hand on a walking toy.  Yes, she stood up at the toy and pushed it across the room.

She is officially pulling to a stand on whatever type of surface or object she wants. She especially loves her sister’s little wooden chair.

This is her favorite way to sit, but it requires assistance.

She thinks she can manage herself, though.  And she made decent progress before she got stuck.

Hopefully her speed will continue with her ability to get herself down from standing.  Currently, she stands, remains there quite a while playing and chattering, then starts complaining because she wants to sit again.  Unless her sister helps by knocking her over, she stays there until someone rescues her and shows her (again) how to sit down.  Granted, this has all come about in like 4 days.  I guess I have to give her a break.


Momma Peep said...

I love love LOVE that picture of her in the chair facing the mirror. I think you've given me inspiration for a photo shoot:)

4squirrels said...

FYI - My second daughter was pulling to a stand at her sixth month Dr. visit at which time the Dr. told me my days were numbered. She was full out walking by eight months. Looks like KiKi is following the same plan. Have fun with that!

Rod said...

What an amazing and beautiful little granddaughter of mine! Go Kinlee!

Grammy said...

Today is Oct. 9 and Kinlee is 8 months old!!! Have a happy day, Sugar Plum!

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