Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First busy weekend

It's late and I want sleep, but here's some quick pics and a rundown of the weekend....

Kinlee had her first baby tub bath on Saturday. She didn't care for it so much, but then again, I'm not so good at managing her in this setting, so I don't blame her.

She wore her hat that Grammy (my mom) made for her after she was all clean and smelling baby-like. Pretty cute, I must say.

Papaw John came to visit, since he'd only had a brief passing introduction last weekend. He even brought us some tasty bottled DP and Cream Soda...always welcome!! Kinlee was happy to get comfy and take a nice long nap.

She did take the time to say hello between snoozes.

Saturday evening, Rachel and Patrick came by with dinner, which is always appreciated. (We have been blessed with several meals from friends and family... I can't tell you how much that helps!!) It was soon-to-be-Uncle Patrick's first visit with Kinlee. Only three months to the wedding...

On Sunday, we went to meet my parents at a handy halfway point to pick up Braska and grab some yummy lunch. (Thanks Dad!) Then we detoured down to meet our new nephew Alexander Noble (Xander). Thanks to Cheryl for these last two pics!! The cousins are exactly one week apart, Kinlee's got 7 days on him, but we're betting he passes her up super fast. (Maggie M, recognize anything?? Thanks!!!)

And Miss Kinlee was trying to give some good almost-smiles.
In case you missed the fun of my first day out with both girls.... it's over here, and now that it's behind us, it is pretty funny, I admit.

Friday, February 20, 2009


"I think, therefore I sleep."

Aunt Hyla, Cousin Lindsay, and Cousin Carly came to see us on Monday. We hadn't met Carly yet, and they wanted to see Braska and meet Kinlee. It was really nice of them to make the drive over!

Then on Wednesday, Julie (Jack's mom) and Madelyn came by to say hello and meet Kinlee.

The necessary baby foot pic.

And this morning, this face welcomes me to the day. Not a bad deal.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meeting Grandma

Last night we headed down to the in-laws' place for a visit. They were out of town earlier this week, so they hadn't had a chance to meet Kinlee in person. Another special member of our family was in town, Karen, and so it was a treat to get to see her. Of course the first thing Grandma got to do was change a diaper, and she was just fine with that. Karen had some very thoughtful and nice gifts for the girls, as well. She is officially one of the most generous people I know. We only got to see Grandpa for a few minutes on our way out, but we'll get to spend more time with him soon.

Today Kinlee spent time in the sun again, trying to keep that lovely yellow color from getting out of hand. She slept just fine in the cushy chair with the warm sun on her. Not a bad deal.

Tomorrow we head to the doctor for our first check up. We expect to get a good report on all fronts. Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kinlee in action

Since M's parents haven't been able to meet Kinlee yet, here's some video for them. Now remember, those of you looking for some excitement or something... she's 3 days old. She doesn't really DO much. So this is for the grandparents and other interested family, especially, but feel free to check out her cuteness in motion if you feel so led. (By the way, yes she is kind of half-dressed in the winter, but I was attempting to get her awake enough to eat. And what you'll see here is about the closest thing we've seen to "throwing a fit" as of yet.)

My brother Jody and his wife Skye came by tonight. Skye got to meet Kinlee at only a few hours old, but this was the first time Kinlee got to meet her uncle. I think the introductions went well.

And now, just some more pictures....because I don't do baby books. And the pics have to go somewhere, right?

Sleeping in her super cool and cozy Boppy bouncy. Once Upon a Child rules!!

(And no, she's not as yellow as that makes her look.)

"And here's my knee..."

Can you see the little tiny blond spot on her head? It's actually a little patch of blond hair in the midst of the dark hair all around. Kinda cool if it stays that way, but I'm doubting it.

Have a good day!

Home sweet home

It's so nice to be home. I love my bed. And I love my recliner. And, well...it's home.

Kinlee is doing well. Yesterday she had a day of almost no eating, and she didn't produce her required number of wet diapers. (You might have seen the post on my blog...I think she decided she didn't want to be talked about like that.) We gave her an ultimatum, and she responded. Good little girl. We were finally able to wake her enough for her to eat before bed, and she had a good feeding. She slept 4 hours, and we got her up and awake enough to feed again. Then back to sleep for 4 more. I cannot complain. I enjoyed the sleep, let me tell ya! (It's partially due to my mom letting Kinlee sleep next to her, as I wake with every coo and noise she makes. Same reason I can't sleep with Braska in my room either.)

Today, she's fed ok and she's napping very well. She had a little bit of a sunbath to try to prevent any jaundice issues. So far, we're in good shape there. Her "output" is getting more in line with where we want it, so I'm feeling good about things.

And by popular request....here's some more pics for you to enjoy.

From Tuesday... little skinny hands with LONG fingers. Everyone in the delivery room commented on her hands right after her feet... maybe we're just used to Braska's cute little short ones.

And wrinkly knees. I just think they're funny.

She was not a big fan of the going home outfit.

Doing a little sunnin' today.

Giving us the indication that we might need to have a particular talk about not smoking, earlier than usual.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A little update and more newborn pics

We had an ok night, got some sleep, ate ok, until about 5:00 am when she decided to just be awake and a little whiny for a while. We made it through.

Pediatrician's check this morning was ok...not perfect. There is an issue with her left hip, not unheard of, but something to check out. A definite click/clunk, as they call it. Possible hip dysplasia. We'll have it checked out with an ultrasound to see what's up in the next week or so, sounds like. But that explains why she has really hated being messed with on that leg for diapers. No biggie...we listened and said, "Got it. We can handle that." What a difference life experience makes, huh? We'll be here til tomorrow morning then head home. M may go back to work tomorrow, since my mom is here, to save a few days for when we're on our own next week.

Now, on to the pics, and I'm gonna see if I can catch a little nap after some feeding.

Sleeping beauty. (Anyone see a resemblance in that profile... and you SO better not say her mommy!)

Soft, dark hair, with one little blond patch that you can't see here.

One very wrinkled and VERY long foot!

One nibblin' good ear...again, some of you will recognize this ear.

Snuggling with one very tired (but freshly showered...yay!!) Mommy.

Checking things out on day 2.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome Kinlee!

That's right... finally, she's here.

These are the same pics as what's in the margin on the left, but this way you can click on them and make them bigger if you want. We're doing well at this point. It was a good experience as birth goes, and no we figure out what to do with another little girl!

Thanks for all your prayers and well-wishes. We're ready to get on with this next phase and see what's in store!

Here's our first most-of-the-family pic.

Kinlee shaking my hand, introducing herself.

And Kinlee checking out Grammy, with wide eyes.
Never fear, there will be more.
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